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Mini excavator SM-MG17


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Mini excavator SM-MG17

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Width 100 cm
Weight 620 kg

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Mini excavator SM-MG17

SM's mini excavator range has five key features: comfort, handling, reliability, maintainability and, of course,
performance. SM mini excavators achieve top marks in each of these areas. The mini-excavator SM-MG17
offers precise handling, unsurpassed maintenance access and a comfortable workstation. All in a compact
package that is easy to transport and use even in cramped conditions.

Other features:

Electric starter (and equipped with pull starter for emergencies)
The standard equipment includes 3 bucket: 25 cm, 40 cm, slope 80 cm.
The possibility of exchanging one of the buckets for a spoon with a width of 17 cm or a tusk / ripper
Opportunity to buy a demolition hammer and a drilling rig, a hydraulic snow plow
The ability to mount two gears - fast driving.

Security ?? as the only micromachines on the market, we offer you a machine with safety devices that meet the
requirements of safety standards in force!

Our excavator is equipped with:

- emergency safety switch

- protection against self-dropping of the arm
- hydraulic hoses, able to withstand pressure of 240 bar (machine operates at 150 bars), with additional protection for
4 times the momentary pressure
- START / STOP valve, which ensures smooth operation, at the same time ensures quick disconnection of the
hydraulics in case of danger
- manual gas, which facilitates smooth operation of the machine

Thanks to the above safeguards, even an unskilled person is able to learn to work smoothly very quickly!

Technical specifications:

Engine Honda
Engine power 11 HP 
Fuel Gasoline
Noise 88 dB
Operating machine weight 620 kg
Machine width 100 cm
Machine length 280 cm
Driver protector security arch
Maximum dig depth 170 cm
Maximum discharge height 210 cm
Caterpillars measures 180x72x35 rubber
Turn left 120º
Turn right 140º
Maximum speed 2,5 km/h
Hydraulic system 120-130 bar
Drive unit 2 hydrostatic motors



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Mini excavator SM-MG17

Mini excavator SM-MG17

Mini excavator SM-MG17