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Electric Forklift Truck MOVMES CPD20SA-20

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Electric Forklift Truck MOVMES CPD20SA-20

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Weight 3450 kg
Nominal load capacity 2000kg
Power system Full AC Power

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Electric Forklift Truck MOVMES CPD20SA-20

The new CPD20 convinces with outstanding lifting speeds and can be accelerated up to 14 km / h. Depending on the driving program, it achieves maximum performance and the best efficiency values. In addition, it can be used with a wide variety of battery variants and scores with a quick side battery change. If you want to convince in the warehouse, you have to perform in the smallest of spaces. No problem for the new CPD20. Its compact vehicle
dimensions and precise controls ensure enormous maneuverability. With a new combination axle for four-wheel vehicles, it achieves the smallest turning radius in its class!


Safety and Stablity

1) Germany imported driving axle.

2) Multifunctional display with using time, fault code, battery status, forklift running information.

3) AC motor with regenerative braking.

4) Three running modes according to different needs: low speed, moderate speed and high speed.

5) Wet disk brake can make the forklift brake stably, ensures high durability and safety.

6) Very small turning radius is only 1552 mm and minimum right angle stacking aisle is only 3220 mm.


1) A two-step step takes you to the driver's seat in the cabin.

2) Adjustable steering wheel column, the driver can adjust the position according to his need.

3) Integrated light switch and steering wheel.

4) ABS instrument board in the driving-box is durable and beautiful.

5) The design of the controlling lever position fit the Ergonomic principles which can reduce the driver´s fatigue.

6) Clearly and wide view mast with good visibility.

7) Emergency power cut off plug for emergency stop.

Service ability

1) Easy maintained controller and steering potentiometer.

2) Maintenance free wet disk brake.

3) Lifting and driving AC motor´s without carbon brush free to maintain, which greatly reduce maintenance cost. And they all adopt external encoder, so the maintenance and service is more convenient.

4) BDI with overall discharge protecting system.

5) Braking oil cup is installed on the instrument panel, so as to chaeck and add braking oil conveniently.

6) Side way battery box is easy to change battery. It is safety and convenient.

Technical specifications:

Manufacturer   MOVMES
Manufacturer’s type designation   CPD20SA-20
Drive   Electric
Operation   Seated
Nominal load capacity/load Q   (kg) 2000
Load centre distance c   (mm) 500
Load spacing x   (mm) 358
Wheel base y   (mm) 1465
Empty weight (with battery) kg 3450
Axle loading, laden                          front/rear kg 4469/981
Axle loading, unladen                      front/rear kg 1625/1997
Tyres   Superelastic
Tyre size                                                  front   200 x 50 - 10
Tyre size                                                  rear   140 / 55 - 9
Wheels, number (x = driven)           front/rear   2x /  2
Tread                                                 front/rear b10/b11   mm 937/188
Tilt of mast/fork carriage   forward/backward º 3 /  6
Height of mast when retracted h1    (mm) 2000 - 2660
Free lift h2    (mm) option
Lift 1 h3   (mm) 3000 - 6200
Height of mast when extended h4   (mm) 4050 - 7250
Height above protected roof (cabin) h6   (mm) 2005
Seat height in terms of SIP h7   (mm) 938
Total length l1   (mm) 3100 
Length including fork backs l2   (mm) 2030
Total width b1  (mm) 1130
Fork dimensions s/e/l    (mm) 40/120/1070
Fork carriage DIN 1573,      class/form A, B   2A
Fork carriage width b3   (mm) 1088
Ground clearance under mast m1   (mm) 90
Ground clearance centre wheel base m2   (mm) 100
Working aisle width with pallet 1000 x 1200 crossways Ast   (mm) 3200
Working aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 lengthways Ast   (mm) 3300
Turning radius Wa   (mm) 1652
Driving speed                        laden/unladen km/h 13  /   13
Lifting speed                          laden/unladen mm/s 250/420
Gradeability                            laden/unladen % 15   /    20
Working pressure bar
Battery voltage V 48
Battery capacity Ah 560(640)
Battery weight kg 800
Sound pressure level DIN 12053 dB(A) 68



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Electric Forklift Truck MOVMES CPD20SA-20

Electric Forklift Truck MOVMES CPD20SA-20

Electric Forklift Truck MOVMES CPD20SA-20